A Simple DIY Guide on How to Iron Shirts and Pants
Ironing Shirts
31 Jan2017

Easy to Press the Dress like Professional Dry Cleaners do

Ironing is something that gives a breath of life to your garments and it plays a vital role to make you look attractive and impressive. Most people do not enjoy ironing clothes. In fact, it is widely considered to be an unavoidable routine by most of the people.

Iron Shirt

Iron Shirt

However, the reluctance of many to iron the clothes is simply because they don’t know how to iron the clothes properly. Well, don’t worry at all. Follow these simple steps below to understand Ironing Shirts and pants easily.

How to Iron Shirts?

Step 1: In the very first step, always start by pressing the collar. Stretch the back of the shirt across the flat surface of iron stand. Then gently press the iron on the back of the collar several times until you are sure that it is correctly pressed. Then turn the shirt over and do the same to the front of the collar.

Step2: In the second step, move to the sleeves of the shirt. Make it your routine to start ironing the sleeves from the back side. Then move to the front sides of the sleeves. The next step is to start stretching the larger parts of the sleeves across the point of the ironing board.

How to Iron Shirts

How to Iron Shirts

After that, stretch the lower back of the sleeves across the large, flat surface of the ironing board. Start ironing towards the cuffs and flip the shirts over and do the front side, making sure to take careful, short strokes.

*Remember one thing during the ironing process, different parts of the garments require different temperature. So be careful while handling the thermostat.

Step3: When you think that you have done good with the sleeves and the collar portion, lay it as flat as possible on the ironing board. Start pressing from one side to the other gently and slowly smoothing out the wrinkled spots as you go.

How to Iron a Shirt

How to Iron a Shirt

Step4: In the end, hang the shirt directly after you have done the ironing. Always close the top and the bottom buttons of the shirt.

How to Iron Pants?

Step 1: When you start ironing the pants, turn the pant inside out and begin the process from the top side of the pant. Start ironing the circumstances of the waistband and then slowly move towards the pockets. Be sure to press both sides of the pockets because if there remains any wrinkle, it will be clearly visible after you wear it. Then iron the fly and the hems of the pant. Don’t forget to follow this sequence by applying gentle strokes.

Step2: In the next step, turn the pant so that the correct side is facing out. Then hook the waistline of the pant around the arrow shaped edges of the iron stand. Gently press the iron to clear the wrinkles of the top front part of your pant.

Iron Pant

Iron Pant

Step3: Place the legs of the pant parallel to the iron board by making it clear that the both legs are headed in the same directions. This is the main and the most sensitive point of ironing the pants because you are just about to deal with the front creases of the pant. Gently iron each leg without damaging the current crease.

Step4: In the last step, iron the cuffs and hang the pant.

Ironing clothes is really a gentle process and needs intensive attention, because letting any wrinkle left will surely give your dress a bad look. Follow the above instructions and start ironing shirts and pants as the professionals do.

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